how to trade Trend Reversals with the EFC Indicator

The EFC Indicator Automatically filters fake models to give you the best commercial settings. Consistency is very important when trading … For this reason, we have ensured that this indicator is triggered only when the chance of turnaround is very high. We have tested this powerful indicator to make sure we remove fake models that interfere with it… Read More »

Forex Kijun Fluxion Indicator Free Download

Forex Kijun Fluxion Indicator has specially designed for the newbie trend following traders. this indicator is ideal for those who struggle a lot with many complex indicators that creates the confusion of their decision makings. with these indicators, you just wait for a signal that appears. Installation Forex Kijun Fluxion Indicator is simple enough You can download Indicator… Read More »


ALFA SCALPER FREE DOWNLOAD –  is a trend indicator for the MetaTrader 4 platform; a group of professional traders has developed it. The Alpha Trend indicator finds the most likely tendency reversal points, which allows making trades at the very beginning of a trend. This indicator features notifications, which are generated whenever a new signal appears (alert, email,… Read More »

Forex Blau Balance Indicator Free Download

Forex Blau Balance Indicator is an indicator in the form of an oscillator, which is found in the lower chart window. This indicator is fit for trading on all assets and on any timeframes. Signals of the Forex Blau Balance Indicator are not repainted and do not disappear. In the indicator settings, there is a use for choosing… Read More »

Dashboard Harmonic Patterns Indicator Forex

Dashboard Harmonic Patterns is the right choice as a satellite for your company. The indicator is fully functional so that all of your business task requirements can be found in this indicator. The dash harmonics model is a quite simple download Indicator at this web page and then perform the installation to your MT4.   Dashboard Harmonic Patterns… Read More »

MACD Bollinger Bands strong signals

Gives arrows to buy and sell. Works on all pairs. Although risk management is one of the easiest topics to understand, for most marketers it seems to be the most difficult to follow. Too often we see traders turn a profitable position into a loss position, leading a good strategy into a loss rather than a profit. No… Read More »