Multi Time Frame Analysis bbma oa and indicator confirmation of BBMA OA

By | August 6, 2019

How do you confirm the BBMA OA indicator? The following will be taught how to confirm with multi time analysis frames. Check out the full article in the following article.

The BBMA indicator can be used for all types of traders and in every time frame. When you can run it patiently and disciplined, so I think now that you can have a sustainable advantage over your trades. So, how do you do during trading activities with BBMA OA? You will learn more about using BBMA OA indicator in this article. The discussion is no longer about how to recognize the signal, but how to confirm the indicator BBMA OA. How? With multi time frame analysis.

Multi Time Frame Analysis bbma oa

Multi Time Frame Analysis bbma oa is a method that uses more than one timeframe to analyze prices in the Forex market. The number of time frames used varies, but in the BBMA OA indicator, at least it is necessary to use at least 2 sheets of time frame.

If you understand and observe the price movement and the wax formation process on the market, a candlestick on a large timeframe is formed from the arrangement of several smaller timeframe candlesticks.

Multi Time Frame Analysis bbma oa

Multi Time Frame Analysis bbma oa  indicator

If it has a clear base and instructions on the analysis of multi time frames, let me explain the application on the BBMA OA indicator. With the Multi Time Frame Analysis bbma oa, signals and setups on the indicator of BBMA OA can be confirmed. The analysis itself uses at least 2-3 time frames. In fact you can also use 6 pieces of Fime frames at once. So let’s start the discussion on each signal and setup on the BBMA OA indicator.

Extrem Confirmation

Extrem Confirmation

Extreme is a state when MA 5/10 exits Top or Low BB. A good extreme has the following conditions:

  1. MA 5/10 that comes out of the BB.
  2. Close Reversal Candles at BB or MA 5/10.
  3. The existence of a candle retest.

How to confirm this Extrem signal if viewed from Multi Time Frame analysis? Extrem signal confirmation can be obtained when the price in a smaller Time Frame indicates a complete setup of BBMA. Can’t believe it? Try now you see on the chart and make sure. Or if confused, please see an example of chart comparison M15 vs H1.

Multi Time Frame Analysis bbma oa

MHV Confirmation

There is a post Extrem, the MHV (Market lost Volume) is a condition when the price is no longer able to continue its journey. In the indicator BBMA OA, MHV occurs when the price can not continue the momentum in the Top/Low BB. MHV itself has many forms and is very difficult to recognize.

Then how to confirm MHV signal if viewed from Multi Time Frame analysis? At a valid MHV signal, exactly one Time Frame underneath the Extrem signal will occur. Take a look at your chart or check out the following examples.

Multi Time Frame Analysis bbma oa

This can also mean, when an MHV and extrem occurs at a time frame underneath, extreme can also be confirmed by a complete setup of BBMA.

Here’s the MHV Confirmation correction table.

Multi Time Frame Analysis bbma oa

(CSAK) Confirmation

Strong Direction Candlestick (CSAK) is the initial signal of price changes that usually occur after Extrem and MHV. In the BBMA OA indicator, CSAK is also one of the guides in determining where the market will move. How to ensure that a CSAK is valid? Almost the same as MHV, you only have to observe a Time Frame below it. Ensure that a Time Frame below the Extreme Signal does not occur. The time frame sequence is the same as MHV. In a valid CSAK, a Time Frame below it will experience momentum on the Top / Low BB, while those who experience Extrem are considered to fail and will turn around.

Multi Time Frame Analysis bbma oa

Reentry Confirmation

Reentry is an entry that you must have been waiting for now. There are 2 kinds of Reentry on BBMA, namely, Reentry after CSAK, or Reentry momentum. If seen from the behavior of the candle, Reentry is a pullback that occurs post-penetration of prices at the Support level or a certain balance zone. In BBMA OA is the same: Reentry only post CSAK (transfer of prices from Top to Low BB or vice versa), and CSM (pullback that occurs post-penetration Top/Low BB).

Multi Time Frame Analysis bbma oa

Then what about Reentry confirmation with Multi Time Frame analysis? For Reentry This is a bit troublesome. Before I go deeper, here I give the confirmation correction table first.

Multi Time Frame Analysis bbma oa

Now let me explain the code in the table above. The Reentry confirmation code on the BBMA OA indicator is RRE, REE, and REM. R is Reentry, E represents Extrem, and M refers to the MHV. Suppose there is a Reentry on Time Frame H4, then the Reentry is valid with the following conditions.

  1. RRE code = H1 is Reentry, M15 is being Extreme.

Multi Time Frame Analysis bbma oa

The yellow column contains Time Frame Reentry which will be used as the reference open position. The green and Blue columns contain the Time Frame used for Reentry signal validation. Of course, you can also confirm the Extreme and MHV at the Time Frame below, but according to the teaching of OMA ALLY, this 3 Time Frame analysis alone is enough to make profit with accurate entry and high success rate.

If you think Multi Time Frame analysis is easy, then you are a big one. The level of patience and discipline needed to be able to understand and master this science is very high.

Patience and discipline are one of the hardest trading components to master. If all traders are patient and disciplined, of course no longer has a margin call or Stop Out current. But really not? In the indicator of BBMA OA so, you have been asked to be patient, patient, patiently wait for the complete signal and setup, but still, do dabbling in every extrem and the MHV is formed. This curiosity sometimes makes a profit, but it may more often result in great harm to you.

Should it wait until the complete setup of BBMA appears new can trade? Well, that is why this Multi Time Frame Analysis BBMA OA is discussed; You can use to confirm the BBMA OA indicator. You can also combine this indicator with the Supply and Demand or Support and Resistance analysis methods, to facilitate the mapping of Taking Profit and Stop Loss points.


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