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MINDSET PROFITABLE FOREX TRADING – You have a gold mine when you have a goal in mind. More than likely, the reason you learn this book is that when you heard how the Forex works, you started to dream about becoming a successful trader. You were excited about the prospects of how great it would be to succeed at something very few others have. There is nothing better than a dream to get you motivated or on the road to success, but as with any dream, it is important to maintain your sense of excitement. Nothing great happens unless you set a goal or start to dream. Think about it: most people are not in the habit of doing either, and they instead simply exist, day-to-day, with no real quest for achievement. If you’ve lost excitement in your goals and dreams, it’s time to reenergize and get it back or find new ones to strive for.

Get Excited About Trading

To reach your fullest potential at anything, you need to get excited about what you are doing and where you are going. The majority of the world gets up day in and day out, going to work doing something they don’t enjoy or want to do. As Henry David Thoreau wrote in 1854, “The mass of men leads lives of quiet desperation.” Are you one of the fortunate few who jump out of bed with excitement ready to start your day and looking forward to all the opportunities for success that will be knocking on your door? Or are you one of the masses who fall out of bed and begrudgingly get up to start another day of quiet desperation? Consider the following about people today:


MINDSET PROFITABLE FOREX TRADING – There is nothing like a dream or a goal to get you excited and motivated about your future. Dreams and goals are necessary for life, but as I say at the beginning of every mentorship class I teach: “You cannot dream yourself into the position of a successful trader. You must work your way into it. You must take on the responsibility of your destination as I have done mine. You must believe you can achieve it. The things we believe in will always happen because it is the belief in those things that will make it happen. Remember, if another person can do it, you can do it.” You have to figure out the skills and disciplines needed to fulfill your dream. Then buckle down and do it, with the belief that whatever you expect, you will get. I have learned that a dream combined with an expectation and the courage to pursue it make it a reality. The poorest of all people is not a person without a cent, but a person without a dream!

When you are involved with doing what you dream about, something that truly excites you, you dig deep into your soul to bring out the very best you have to offer the world. Usually, we are so excited about our dream that we begin to tell everyone about it well before we figure out any details about how we are going to accomplish it. Why? First, it’s just no fun to dream alone. Second, when we dream alone, it’s unlikely our dream will ever become a reality. When we dream with others, it’s the beginning of a new life, a new road, a new future. When people vocalize their dreams, they provide an intimate look into their heart and character. As long as we are still alive and breathing, we owe it to ourselves to never give up chasing our dreams.


Every dream is in the mind of the believer and the hands of the doer. Learning to become a successful currency trader may be your dream, and to attain it you must learn the skills of a Forex trader. You better invest in your education about how this market works, because you will be put up against some of the brightest traders in the world. Learn the skills and traits of a successful trader and replicate them. If you are not making the money in your life you always dreamed of, perhaps it is because you are locked into a series of unproductive work habits and destructive mindsets. Maybe you have created a mental block inside you that has stopped you from earning more than you think you are worth.

If you want to earn more than you are earning right now, you must upgrade your self-concept. Now that you have found the Forex, you need to begin to identify all the knowledge you need to acquire to become a successful trader and begin to study everything necessary to achieve success as a trader. Knowing as much as you can is important, not because you will use all that information, but because it will give you options. It is imperative to be committed not only to continued education about the new venture that excites you but also to learn more about your emotions and how to control them instead of letting them control you. If you think your current education is sufficient to take you where you need to go, you’re wrong. It doesn’t matter if you are starting a restaurant, a retail store, or a service-based business, or if you are becoming a Forex trader: you are going up against some of the brightest people in the world. And if you think

you can take them on without any further education, guidance, or mentorship, then you will be in for the surprise of your life. Why? When a person with money goes up against a person with education and experience after everything is said and done, the person with the education and experience will end up with the money and the person who had the money will end up with the experience.

When we invest in ourselves, we create a lasting asset, as compared to investing in a couch, state-of-the-art stereo system, boat, or credit card debt from buying more stuff, which is all depreciating assets. The average person spends more money on household furniture (a depreciating asset) than on education for work and then wonders why things aren’t improving in his or her personal or financial work life.

Your furniture can’t make you more money and is not going to increase in value. But over time, investing more in yourself than in your furniture will allow you to buy all the furniture you desire for your house. Depreciating assets can’t do that. Another problem we face in chasing dreams is learning to manage our wants versus our needs. We want a new car, but do we need a $100,000 car, when in reality we can take the difference of perhaps a $30,000 car versus a $100,000 car and invest in more education that perhaps will allow us to buy as many cars as we want? We want a new boat, but we need more money in the bank to earn interest, which would enable our money to work for us so we can buy a new boat down the road with the interest earned. Our thought processes about life and earning income are all screwed up. Believe it or not, if our parents or caregivers went through life with a mindset stemming from poverty or mediocrity, that likely has rubbed off on us. The mindset passed on places us in a position to repeat they are bad habits and be just like them, living a life of managing their poverty or mediocrity and doing exactly what they did.

My focus has been to help traders break that spell. Market Traders Institute was created to teach the skills of successful Forex trading as well as the emotional skills for success, enabling traders to have a quantum leap in performance. As you learn more about the Forex, pay attention to the details and train your brain to always pay attention to those details. Successful people are successful for several reasons. Primarily, they pay attention to details. If you want the devil out of your daily work life, pay attention to the details. Choosing not to pay attention to details will only slow you down and invite the devil into your life. Be wary of the person who doesn’t notice the details or who gets annoyed when details slow them down. Success and excellence are found in paying attention to the details. So as you read this book, pay attention to the details. It will pay off in huge dividends.


MINDSET PROFITABLE FOREX TRADING – Success at anything in life is not a fantasy, it is a formula. Learning how to become a successful trader is a formula, not a fantasy. Part of that formula is living a balanced life. When it comes to trading, all the out-of-balance areas of our lives will have an enhanced effect on our trading. After teaching people how to trade for more than 16 years, I have concluded that to enjoy not only this life but the life of a trader, you must learn to achieve balance in seven major areas of your life:

  1. Self
  2. Signifi cant other
  3. Spiritual
  4. Family
  5. Friends
  6. Work
  7. Community

I have learned that balance in our lives is a close relative to happiness, and if you are not happy trading, you won’t be successful at trading. Many people underestimate how closely tied these seven areas of balance are to our happiness and to the success we ultimately enjoy in our professional lives. It may often seem that when one area of your life is out of balance, they all start to get out of balance.

I refer to it as our necessary balance in life. All aspects of our life are important and need to be looked at as a finely tuned, balanced engine. When all the parts are working, the engine can perform at peak performance; however, if parts start to break or wear down, the engine cannot reach peak performance.

Without balance, you can become overly consumed by a certain area of your life, neglecting your needed balance, and eventually frustrated that things are not going well in other areas, which will create bad attitudes and open the door to becoming addicted to negative habits and actions. Like all addictions, they cause additional problems, and in the end, you lose. Without self-balance, you become emotionally and physically sick, you lose sight of who you are, and you lose your identity. Without balance in your work, you lose your perspective and your focus on the important aspects of your job, and you begin to perform at substandard levels, opening yourself up to potentially making less money or even losing your job. Without balance in your family, you can lose them. Without balance with your significant other, you can lose him or her. If you lose your significant other and your family, watch the effect it will have on your work environment. You see, who we are is not what we do to make a living. Who we are is a balance of our family, our work, and ourselves—in other words, all the seven areas of our lives that complete our lives.

Any daily frustration that is created by one or more of these components being out of balance will create negative emotional stress. Hold on to it long enough, and you will have created some serious destructive emotional baggage that slowly turns into deep emotional scars and alters your outlook not only on life but on just about everything you get involved with, even trading.

When you hold on to unproductive emotional baggage from the past, regardless of where it came from, it will stand in the way of your excitement and eventually in achieving the success at trading you are looking for. As a trader, you cannot afford to let that happen. Are you happy and content with where you are in the seven areas of your life that create balance and thus can now live a fulfilled life? Or are you out of balance? If you are out of balance, what are you going to do about it?

Part of happiness is when what you think, how you feel, what you say, and what you do are all in harmony. The wealthiest traders I have met live a life in balance and maintain the necessary harmony needed to become the successes they are. They are usually very kind, generous, and fun, and maintain low profiles in their personal lives. They were human before they became traders, and after all, they still are. Maybe they were somewhat lost before that little seed of a trader’s dream was planted deep inside their heart. It was only when they dared to water and nurture that seed that this dream came to fruition.

Happiness in Managing Your Success – MINDSET PROFITABLE FOREX TRADING

We are the most advanced and complex organisms on this planet; yet as we begin to work through life, many of us lose our way and begin to malfunction at an early age, both emotionally and financially. Instead of becoming highly productive, fine-tuned, money-making (and saving) members of society, we start to live our lives just surviving, living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to get ahead. For some reason we become satisfied to just get by, being
unproductive or settling into either a life of poverty or mediocrity. When you live a life of managing your poverty or mediocrity, you lose your direction and purpose. We are here to reach our highest potential at whatever we do. Managing our poverty or mediocrity is not reaching our highest potential. Instead, we need to manage our success.

Too often people attempt to live their lives backward; they try to have more things, more status, more popularity, and more money to do more of what they want so they will be happier. The way life works are actually in the reverse. You must first be who you really are and then do what you need to do to have what you want.

I believe that to experience happiness, three key components need to be in play:

  1. Having something to do that we enjoy
  2. Having someone you truly love to share your life
  3. Having something to always look forward to

Look at the three components of true earthly happiness: are you so excited with what you are doing during your 8 to 10 daily work hours that it is hard to stop? If not, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to keep on keeping on, until one day you look up and say, “Wow, where did my life go?”

I feel sorry for the person who gets up every day unexcited about his work. Not only will he never be satisfied, but he may never achieve anything worthwhile. I feel even sorrier for any person who does not have a dream because he has a high probability of arriving at retirement age flat broke. And there is nothing happy about that!

Consider component number two for happiness: have you found someone to truly love and share your life, good or bad? If not, why? When it comes time to learn to trade, it sure is comforting when you have a loving companion who believes in you and will support you and your efforts. At the same time, I will tell you, it can be hell if you are living with someone who won’t support you or believe in you.

And the last component: Do you get up every day having something to look forward to in your daily or professional life? Do you look forward to going to work or do you look at work as just a price you have to pay to enjoy a great weekend? If you are going to survive as a trader, you need to jump out of bed with all the excitement in the world, looking forward to making more money day in and day out trading.

People are made so that whenever anything ignites their soul, the impossibilities disappear.

For years I dreamed of being a father with lots of kids; today I have lots of kids. Then I started dreaming about becoming a successful trader, and I became a successful trader. Then I dreamed about creating a worldwide company; today, I am the founder of a worldwide company. I can honestly say my list goes on, but this book is not about me—it’s about you. So I ask the question: are you still dreaming, or have your dreams all faded away? Trust me, 20 years from now, you will be more disappointed by the dreams you didn’t chase than by the ones you did chase. I am so grateful I have not stopped dreaming. The freedom to dream participates in creating happiness. I have learned we are not here on earth for a long time, so we need to be here for a good time and be happy about it, regardless of the obstacles.


The majority of people in the world live in frustration because they cannot acquire the income needed during their work hours to pay for something to look forward to at the end of the week, let alone something like a new car, a new house, an exotic vacation, a new boat, a second home on the beach, and so on. The primary reason they walk around frustrated is they get locked into a subconscious state of managing their poverty or mediocrity instead of success.

There is indeed a lot of excitement, good and bad, in the journey of life, the thrill of the chase, and in the achievement of goals or dreams; however, with a commitment to continued education about life and your profession, and your daily happiness, all that excitement has multiplied a hundredfold. Learning to become a successful Forex trader can bring back the spark that can ignite your dreams and begin to fund all those things you want to look forward to. I hope you get into the habit of dreaming and setting goals. I hope that whatever dream you start to chase, it places you in a position to dig deep into your soul to bring out the very best in you, enabling you to ultimately achieve that dream.

That’s why I propose that as of today—you find your dream, chase it, and live it. We miss 100 percent of the shots we don’t take. So I say, get excited and go for it!

By: Jared F. Martinez

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