How to use the indicator BBMA OA in Forex trading

By | August 1, 2019

In the world of Forex trading, indicators say it is not foreign. As we know if the indicators themselves are very large in number.,One of the things we will discuss today is the indicator of BBMA OA. The BBMA OMA ALLY (OA) indicator is a trading system created by Oma ALLY, a Malaysian trader. Since 2010, with this system, Oma Ally has helped many traders. The BBMA name used in this system is a combination of Bollinger bands and Moving Average.

In Malaysia, it is OA BBMA, already known to traders since a few years ago. Among Malaysian traders, this indicator is known as the sharpness level. In BBMA OA there are 3 signal conditions and entries consisting of:

Indicator BBMA OA

Indicator BBMA OA


Indicator BBMA OA,Extrem is the state where MA5/10 is out of the top or low BB. As we know if when the price increases or decreases, not just the candle that can get out of the BB. But MA can also exit the BB. This valid extreme condition itself is characterized by several things such as:

  • Moving Average 5 or 10 out of the top or low Bollinger bands
  • There is a candle reversal close inside the Bollinger Band or just below or above the Moving Average 5

If all is fulfilled, then the 3rd candlestick will be the place for the entry. The Candlestick was given the name retest. This extreme signal can be considered dangerous. For that (TP) do not get violated, especially for those of you who are still beginners. Take mandatory profits at MA 5/10. So don’t get past the BB.

2.Market lost Volume (MHV)

Market loss of this volume will automatically occur after extreme. MHV is a condition where the price is not able to continue. The characteristics of this signal is that the candlestick will not be able to penetrate the Top/Low BB again.

Indikator BBMA OA

Indikator BBMA OA


Reentry is a type of signal for the safest entry. Especially for those of you who are still beginners. This is because reentry is usually done in accordance with the direction of the current trend. Even arguably reentry is the most excellent entry type.

Indicator BBMA OA

Indicator BBMA OA

How to trade with Indicator BBMA OA

To trade with the indicator BBMA OA, you must enter the market by following the signal and entry above. So you are allowed to follow and enter in any of the conditions of the market. For traders who provide BBMA, there are providing different accounts for each entry. This is because there is only one type of entry. For how to trade with BBMA itself, you need to be patient.

If you have reentry the CSM and become a strong trend, it will always be formed Sideaway. This will happen before the price continues the trip. Well that’s when you can do reentry repeatedly. BBMA OM has its own of

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