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The foundation of Fibonacci bases (Fibo Musang) is of understanding about candle Breakout or even clearer purpose is when the candle Break and candle retest. Fibo Musang must be drawn in your chart, so when you Drawing some of the criteria below is very important to take About.

First criteria: Fibonacci bases (Fibo Musang) Initials BREAK

What is meant by initials break? Initials BREAK is Start for the conversion of trends. Trend changes occur when candle bull/bear is turned off by Candle bear/bull To ensure the initial break VALID occurs, you must make sure that
The break occurs on the position of Fibo 261 or 423. So, this means when something Fibo Musang is enough Cycle 261/423, you continue to note where the Fibo level.

Features of initials Break:

  1. Dominant candle.
  2. The nearest Support and Rasisten.

The “Fibo” shall start from the top/bottom up to the Candle can be closed outside of initials break. ”

Fibonacci entries (Fibo Musang)

Entries are extremely critical in forex trading, before you Do the entry, make sure the entry is made when initials break already Occurred. Then, you wait for the price back into the initials Break. Let the retest condition occur and entries in the Initials break box itself.

Category of Candlesticks (CS) Initials Break

 Example of initials break #1 

is when candle the side is turned off by the current candle.

Fibonacci bases (Fibo Musang)

 Example of initials Break #2 

Fibonacci bases (Fibo Musang)

 Example of initials Break #3 

Fibonacci bases (Fibo Musang)

Choosing Candle Musang

Now you will learn how to choose candle Fibo Musang, but the main condition is must understand what is initials
Break, refer to the previous page before continuing yes!. So for next, now you must find out which candle The Musang will bring the price to 261/423.

2 Types of Candle Musang Category:

  1. Break Dominant Candle
  2. Non-Dominant Candle (meaning a small Candle) so what you should do is find the nearest resistance support that is capable of being broken.
  • Break Dominant Candle

The best way is to find initials Break and Candle Can break down the dominance of Dominant Candle. You need to pull the Fibo from the top and directly to the candle Can be close outside initials Break. To start you pull in the Body Candle and get where the value is 261/423 is. If Price is still walking, eat the movement with Turn the Fibo into the tail of the Candle.

 Example of dominant Candle #1 

Fibonacci bases (Fibo Musang)

 Example of dominant Candle #2 

Fibonacci bases (Fibo Musang)

  • Non Dominant Candle

For the second situation is the absence of a dominant candle will give candle small. Here are the nearest support and Rasisten. The candle is capable of an immediate break-out Fibo.

 Example Break Support and Rasisten (SnR) #1 

Fibonacci bases (Fibo Musang)

 Example Break Support and Rasisten (SnR) #2 

Fibonacci bases (Fibo Musang)

ENTRY LEVEL Fibonacci bases (Fibo Musang)

  • Entry-Level 1 must be in D1. Remember only D1
  • Please find B point in D1 and tick the Shadowsome
Fibonacci bases (Fibo Musang)

Flag Daily Chart

Fibonacci bases (Fibo Musang)

  • Next swap the chart on H4 and grab the shadow to the body H4
  • Mark as a zone for our re-entry.

Fibonacci bases (Fibo Musang)

  • Entry Level 2 has strict requirements.

That breaks CB1 and wait until retes. (This will be discussed with SOP)

Mandatory break CB1 for invalid Entry level 2 signal

Fibonacci bases (Fibo Musang)


Entry-Level 3 relates to CB2.

  • In the state of CB1 break and there CB2 also break. Zone Ib will be a zone retes.
  • Must remember. When CB2 already break the trend and change in total.

Fibonacci bases (Fibo Musang)


Entry-level 4 is CBR key. (Re-entry)

  • The requirement is that there is a sequential 3cs which signifies momentum and applies pullback and breakout pullback. Mark the zone last candle pullback.
  • Reentry will apply

Fibonacci bases (Fibo Musang)

  • Entry Level 5 is valid after entry level 4.
  • Valid reentry at entry level 4 and sped by one more pullback and breakout. This is entry-level 5

Fibonacci bases (Fibo Musang)

  • Entry Level 6 is a combination of ABC pattern
  • It applies in down CS or pattern zigzag.
  • Mark Region B as zone entry after the C-form breakout A

Fibonacci bases (Fibo Musang)

Important Tips Fibonacci bases (Fibo Musang)

Reversal Pattern

Now you already know the secret of Fibo Musang, and in addition to helping you more robust and effective in trading, you learn and understand REVERSAL PATTERN.

Knowledge of REVERSAL PATTERN is very useful, among the useful PATTERN are such as DIV, HnS (Head & Shoulder), double top and double bottom.

Obligatory & Charity

  1. You must remember at the initial break because the entry key is Here.
  2. Subscribe occasionally chase Candle, this will disturb Fibo system Civet (Fibo Musang) and profit.
  3. If the initial break is successfully solved, you obviously have a setup that is not valid at all.
  4. Usually, this applies and will apply Fibo not enough pull or Misdraw Fibo on the candle.
  5. If you are careful, price is still moving even after hit 423, Eat watch keep up the great Timeframe.
  6. Do not occasionally log in if the DOMINANT is still not broken or no nearby Support & Resistant.
  7. Many exercises, with live attention, or backtest or use the simulator.
  8. Fibo Musang has been giving a lot of pips (USD) on crowded People, but the main key is patience, patience, patience.

The best way to learn to read Fibonacci bases (Fibo Musang) is to practice how to enter and exit transactions from the signals they emit. If you don’t want to trade in the immediate market, you can develop your skills in a risk-free environment by opening an FBS demo account.


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