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BASIC FOREX TRADING TUTORIALS – Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the basics of forex trading on the internet to learn this forex trading:

What is currency trading?

BASIC FOREX TRADING TUTORIALS – The answer is currency and can be commodities such as gold, silver or oil. Traded currencies are always paired with brokers or traders. For example the Euro against the USD (EUR / USD) or the Pound against the Yen (GBP / JPY) or against the USD (XAU / USD).
Unlike the stock market, such as the New York Stock Exchange or the Jakarta Stock Exchange, the foreign exchange market is not referred to as the International Trade Headquarters. The foreign exchange market can be considered as an interbank or OTC free market because the trading hours continue to follow the trading hours of each country and it can be assumed that the foreign exchange market will open 24 hours earlier today on Monday morning to Saturday morning on WIB.

Where is the advantage of foreign exchange/trading?

Simply put, gains in currency/currency or changes in currency or offline (traditional) or online (modern) result from the difference in value in buying and reselling or the country’s currency. For example, in April, Oden refused to buy dollars in exchange rates. Euro. 0.55 per dollar up to 1000 US dollars. When Oden bought this currency, he refused to spend as much as euros. 0.55, -X 1000 = Euros. 548.56, the dollar appreciated against rupees against the euro in May. 0.61 per dollar, then Oden’s net profit on dollar sales (0.61 – 0.55) x 1000 = Euros. 60, simple and easy, right? This also applies to instruments. So guess what.

What is identical with the forex/business as a whole with other companies?

BASIC FOREX TRADING TUTORIALS – At least 3 things are needed to start a business (including Forex / Gold / Stock /Options Trading):
Planning/plans based on potential risks and business benefits. Knowledge will be an adequate business management path /strategy/system. Learning and patience are needed to master this knowledge. Experience/experience is needed to anticipate business opportunities.

What is the difference in forex/trading with other companies in general?

The forex trading business has its own characteristics compared to other companies in general:

  • No need to find buyers/customers.
  • No promotional requirements.
  • Without requirements and strategic locations.
  • We do not remove workers.
  • No supplier required.
  • Without competition (blue sea strategy).
  • No warm prices/rates (world dark prices).
  • Without requirements and strategic locations.
  • 24 hours (Monday Saturday Monday).
  • No girl/entertainment needed.
  • No business license and no tax required.
  • You don’t know the economic crisis, we don’t know it and the season is always a prospective time.
  • Investment is small to other shared transactions (min. 100 USD).
  • Very liquid (turn trillion 2 days / day).
  • Clean business capital in the form of money (not equipment, equipment, etc.).
  • Without development
  • Can make a lot of housing investments.

Who are the participants in the forex/market?

Government, corporations, financial institutions, banks, brokerage, business and community (Retail Customers).

Is it true that trading Forex / can take 24 hours?

BASIC FOREX TRADING TUTORIALS – Truly. The forex/market is open 24 hours a day (Monday to 16:00 to Saturday, 16:00 WIB or GMT + 7). Trading time for currencies is not business hours and does not depend on the time of active stock of a country. You can freely choose trading hours.
The forex/time zone is divided into the following sessions:
Asian Time (Tokyo): 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. WIB
European Time (London): 14:00 – 23:00 WIB
US Time (New York): 19:00 – 16:00 WIB.

What is the difference between the traditional (physical) forex/market and the modern/online forex/market?

For the traditional foreign exchange market (physical currency through banks/money changers), the amount of money used (leverage) is 1: 1, or you need $ 10,000 to trade with $ 10,000. It can be said that traditional markets require a lot of capital. Traditional trading is usually carried out offline in the foreign exchange market.
While the modern (online) market uses levels and margins in trading, you only need $ 100 in capital to get a $ 10,000 capital gain in the traditional market. Trading also uses internet media.

What equipment is needed to trade forex/online?

BASIC FOREX TRADING TUTORIALS – Computer/Laptop Set (Pentium 3 and above or equivalent. Recommended Pentium 4 and above).
Windows Operating System (2000, XP, Vista, Win 7).
Adequate Internet connection (56k above recommended).
Software provided by the broker (Metatrader).
Windows-based PDA (if you want to mobile trading – Metatrader).

What currencies are most interested in trading?

Most people trade the world’s major currencies (the G7 and advanced countries), the reason itself because the currency is relatively stable and the movement is not too sharp, and again the country’s currency is the country that will influence the economic movements of the world :

  • EUR/USD: Euro/US Dollar referred to as euro
  • USD/JPY: US Dollar/Japanese Yen is referred to as Dollar Yen;
  • GBP/USD: British Pound/US Dollar is called Cable;
  • USD/CHF: US Dollar/Swiss Franc is called the Swiss Dollar or Swissy;
  • USD/CAD: US Dollar/Canadian Dollar is called denganDollar Canada, or C-Dollar;
  • AUD/USD: Australian dollar/US Dollar is called the Aussie Dollar;
  • EUR/GBP: Euro/British Pound is called Euro Sterling;
  • EUR/JPY: Euro/Japanese Yen is called Euro Yen;
  • EUR/CHF: The Euro/Swiss Franc is called the Swiss Euro;
  • GBP/CHF: British Pound/Swiss Franc called Sterling Switzerland;
  • GBP/JPY: British Pound/Japanese Yen is called with Sterling Yen;
  • CHF/JPY: Swiss Franc/Japanese Yen is called Swiss Yen;
  • NZD/USD: New Zealand Dollar/US Dollar is called New Zealand Dollar or Kiwi;

What are the levels/leverage and margins?

Level / Leverage here in the modern forex market, as in example 1: 100 (can be 1: 200), or that means trading with a capital of $ 10.00, which is only given to 1/100 of the $ 10,000 it should be or only $ 100,
$ 100 Also known as margin (or referred to as a $ 10,000 deposit). It also means that the potential capital gain of $ 100 in online trading is exactly the same as $ 10,000 in a traditional market (physical currency). Not attractive

What is the initial capital of Forex/trading?

The capital needed to trade Forex / is related to the types/types of trading accounts as follows:

Micro accounts (micro lots), units of 0.01 lots, recommended a minimum capital of 100 USD

Mini Account (Mini lot), units starting at 0.1 Lot, recommended minimum capital of 1000 USD

Standard / Standard Account (standard lot), unit of 1 lot, the recommended minimum capital of 10,000 USD

For minimum trade, the required capital is 5 times the description above.

What is a margin call (MC)?

The overall definition of a margin call: A situation where your money falls below the margin and your position is automatically closed by the system/broker.


Your money is $ 3000 and you open many 1 positions in USD / CHF with a leverage of 1: 100 (1%). Required margin is $ 1,000. If we receive the remaining cash (equity) due to variable losses until we reach $ 1000 or less, your open position will be forcibly closed by the system/broker. If your margin level is below 100% (equity/margin) * 100%), the system forcibly closes open positions to increase or decrease the deterioration status.

When you trade, you don’t use too many ratios that are too large compared to our equity, because they can be easily beaten by margin calls. Margin Call also works to get all the money we don’t lose by losing our order.

What are the requirements for professional forex/traders?

Based on many e-books and life experiences from their secret professional marketers, they are easy

  1. Discipline of trade
  2. Understand fundamentalist and technical analysis
  3. Understand market psychology
  4. Not greedy in trading
  5. He is not afraid of entering and leaving the market
  6. You always want to research and read Buku2 and Forex skills.

What is the fundamental analysis?

Is how to analyze market movements through news or factors that feel that can affect the economy of a country, you can follow the schedule at

What is technical analysis?

This is a way to analyze market movements using graphical displays and current market price indicators.

What is a better fundamental or technical analysis?

Both are within the sphere of influence of Forex experts who make both decisions. However, in the past, fundamental analysis was more accurate than technical analysis. And don’t forget the factors of market psychology that need to be understood.

Can I trade in EURO / JPY pairs by financing my account in USD?

In traditional markets, the answer is NO, but in the online/modern market, you can play it because the bid / ask price is actually already quoted in USD or from the broker on the z site to complete the transaction in USD. I only have $ in my account. How do I play USD / CHF? Which price should be a benchmark for me? Bid or offer? What about EURO / USD? Is It Different? All of the questions above are the same answer that the price conditions listed in the table are diversified in US dollars. Bidding is the price of a broker who will buy our currency. A bid is the broker’s price. ready to sell our currency US Dollars is it true that Forex can generate $ 10,000 to $ 10,000 in 1 month? Yes … Maybe the world currency makes Balau confused again in a few seconds and you never miss it, even though the answer for professionals cannot make capital more than 300% per month, but many also use it 0%. Live in the real world, not in the dream world.

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