Alfa Trend Indicator Free Download

By | February 3, 2019

Alfa Trend Indicator is a trend indicator for the MetaTrader 4 platform; a group of professional traders has developed it. The Alpha Trend indicator finds the most likely tendency reversal points, which allows making trades at the very beginning of a trend. This indicator features notifications, which are generated whenever a new signal appears (alert, email, push-notification). This allows you to open a position promptly. Alpha Trend does not redraw, which makes it possible to evaluate its efficiency in history.

Alfa Trend Indicator is the right choice for use as a companion for your business. The indicator has a full function so that all the demands of your business tasks can be found on this Indicator. Installation Alfa Trend Indicator Free Download is simple enough. You can download Indicator at the bbmaforex web page and then install your MT4.

Alfa Trend Indicator Free Download

This indicator has proved that it applies to all sorts of timeframe charts. Furthermore, you’ll be able to trade any forex currency pair by using this fantastic forex trading tool.

How to trade with the Alfa Trend Indicator?

How does it work?

Buy: the Last bar must be green colored. Open a buy trade (1 day for a daily timeframe, 1 hour for hourly deadline).

Sell: the Last bar must be red colored. Open a sell trade (1 day for a daily timeframe, 1 hour for hourly timetable).

No trade: Orange colored bar means a sideways trend.

How to install the Alfa Trend Indicator?

Copy the Indicator file into the /Indicator folder of your Metatrader software (Example: C:\Program Files/MetaTrader4/Indicator )

Trading Notes

  • Exit at opposite arrow
  • Initial stop loss below the blue dot line
  • Profit target ratio 1:2 or 1:3 stop loss
  • Max 2 entries in the same direction
  • Appy this template at the currency pairs in trend at the 4H and daily chart
  • This trading system is suitable for multiposition trading and martingale MM

With the indicator ALFA TREND, you can trade both in the overclocking mode and in a quiet manner with a deposit of $ 50.


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